This is the machine that is equipped with UV irradiation machine to harden the lubricant for producing the magnetic media and the system to supply and discharge the magnetic media to and from the UV irradiation machine.

Standard Specification

Subjected Board 3.5inch, 2.5inch, 1.89inch of Glass and Aluminum
Throghtput 1,600PPH (UV irradiation time at 14.8 sec.) Conveyor transport velocity : 131.9mm/s (by using large rollers) 105.6mm/s (by using small roller)
Utility Power source : AC200V 17KVA (Three phase), Pressure : Connection φ10 approx. 50NL/min 0.5Mpa N2: Connection φ12, Plant extractor: φ123. (680L/min and over) Coolant consumption : 50L/min.
Machine Size ...W2,500xL2,160xH2,600, Machine Weight ...Approx.800kg
Air cleanliness Class100@0.1um
Targetted Business Hard Disk
Applications UV Curing Surface-reforming

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