This is the conveyor system which realized improvement in space-saving, low-cost and maintenance-characteristics by controlling between each module. It can be used not only as cassette transfer but oaso as simple cassette buffer between processes. And it's possible to fit and respond flexibly with the layout and combination with the turntable, the shuttle and the lifter.

Standard Specification

Air cleanliness Class 10'@0.1um
Transport velocity Between Min.2m/min~Max.10m/min, eight steps of setup are arbitrarily possible.
Slf-Diagnosis Function Transfer the cassette is possible without the external controller. (At the time of cassette resolve, butter is automatically performed at fron stuffing.)
Transfer-work vibration value Max.0.5G, Power source voltage: DC24±10%
Targetted Business Hard Disk
Applications Transfer (Conveying)

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