Table-top Handler with Peltier System C912P


・ Eco-friendly thermal control system.

・ Heat dissipating by Cooling water.

・ Temperature : -40deg.C to Ambient to +150deg.C

Binning number: 2

・ Laser alignment (No Rough guide is required)

・ Good visibility with transparent chamber

・ Air dryer installed

・ Eco-friendly non-freon

・ Easy to move



Basic specification

Applicable package LQFP/TSSOP/VSOP/BGA etc.
Package dimensions 5X5~35X35mm
Applicable socket Clam-shell type
Temperature range -40 deg.C to +150 deg.C (+/- 3 deg.C)
Binning 2 single output trays
Index 10sec
Throughput 360 UPH
Test site 1CH
Contact force 30Kg/DUT
Power source AC200V・20A
Air source 0.4Mpa   (200L/min.)
Main body dimensions (W)780 x (D)1212 x (H)645 mm
Weight 230Kg (Frames included)

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