We, Y.A.C. Group, will actively cope with SDGs toward the realization of sustainability management.

E (Environment) Works to reduce environmental load through business activities.



  • We will promote to develop the products that contribute to realize a carbon-free society and a recycling- society.


  • We will strengthen to work for the reduction of CO2 emissions and contribute to realize a carbon-free society by reducing energy consumption in the supply chain.


  • We will contribute to realize a recycling-society by reducing the amount of water used and properly disposing of waste, through applying properly to environmentally regulated substances.


S (Society) Active efforts to create a great environment to work and solve issues in society.



  • We will strengthen and promote the system and environment which enable everyone to practice new work styles, and enable diverse human resources to grow and play an active role.


  • We will contribute to develop local communities through creating innovations that lead to solve various social issues, and social contribution activities through industry-academia-government collaboration.


G (Governance) Strengthening risk management and Business Continuity Plan (BCP).



  • We will promote group risk management with accurately grasping risk issues, prevents corporate value damage, and minimizes value damage when risks actualized.


  • We will Strengthen supply chain management.


  • We will work to strengthen the BCP system of group that respond to diversifying disaster risks.


  • In accordance with the basic principles of the Corporate Governance Code, we will endeavor to appropriately collaborate with stakeholders other than shareholders while ensuring the rights and equality of shareholders, and strive to ensure appropriate information disclosure and transparency.


Structure (Structure for promoting commitment to the SDGs)



  • Representative Director & President of Y.A.C. HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. is responsible for the SDGs management of the entire Y.A.C. Group, and the SDGs promotion committee members promotes this.


  • We will promote business activities that give maximum consideration to risks, environment, health, and safety, and continue our efforts toward a sustainable society to enhance their effectiveness and effect.


  • We will hold the "SDGs management promotion committee" and the "SDGs management promotion committee at each operating company" to share information on a regular basis, implement priority measures while coordinating, and raise the awareness of group employees.



In the future, we will set up various subcommittees in the SDGs management promotion committee and promote specialized integrated management.


MOMOSE Takefumi
Representative Director & President