May. 1973

Y.A.C. Co., Ltd. was established at Akishima, Tokyo with a capital of 2.1 million yen.

Jun. 1973

Penetrated into industrial package business and started to sell packaging equipment to food industry and cleaning industry.

Aug. 1975

Corporate head quarter moves to Tachikawa City, Tokyo

May. 1976

Builds Akishima factory at Akishima-Shi, Tokyo.

July. 1977

Penetrated into semiconductor business.

May. 1982

Built a headquarter factory at Akishima.

Feb. 1984

Developed and started to sell POS system for liquor store

Aug. 1985

Started magnetic memory disk business.

Jul. 1988

Corporate main factory extends floors

Apr. 1991

Opens California Representative Office at Santa Clara, California

Mar. 1992

Builds Technical Center at Akishima City, Tokyo

Jun. 1994

Started to traded on counter of Japan  Securities Dealers Association (present “JQ”)

Oct. 1995

Established YAC Systems Singapore Pte. Ltd. at Singapore with a capital of S$300 thousand.

Nov. 1997

Builds the 2nd Akishima Factory

Apr. 2000

Merged with Plasma System co., Ltd.

Oct. 2001

Purchases industrial laundry equipment business from Fuji car Mfg group

Aug. 2006

Acquires and consolidates Yoshimura Machinery Co., Ltd and changes the corporate name to YAC Niigata Machinery Co., Ltd.

Oct. 2006

Listed on TSE2.

Dec. 2007

Listed on TSE1

May. 2009

Purchases Photo Voltaic business from S.E.S. Co., Ltd.

Dec. 2009

Establishes subsidiary in Korea.

May. 2010

Established YAC (Shanghai) International Trade  Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, P.R.C. .

Apr. 2011

Acquired and consolidated Denko Co., Ltd. and changed name into YAC Denko Co., Ltd.

Jan. 2012

DENKO Co., Ltd. changes corporate name to YAC DENKO Co., Ltd.

Mar. 2013

Acquired and consolidated Kokusai Dennetsu Co., Ltd and changed name into YAC Kokusai Dennetsu Co., Ltd.

Nov. 2013

Acquired and consolidated Ohkura Electric Co., Ltd.

Jun. 2014

Established YAC Dastech Co., Ltd.

Jul. 2014

Acquired and consolidated Pheton Co., Ltd. and changed name into YAC Pheton Co., Ltd.

Nov. 2014

Established Shaoxing Weiaixin Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Jul. 2015

Acquired and consolidated Nihon Garter Co., Ltd.

Oct. 2015

Established T.Y.A.C.CORP.

Jan. 2016

Merged with YAC Phoeton Co., Ltd.

Sep. 2016

Acquired and consolidated Miyuki Elecs Co., Ltd.

Feb. 2017

Acquired ion beam application equipment manufacturing business from Hitachi Ibaraki Technical Service Ltd.

Apr. 2017

Transition to holding company system and changed name to Y.A.C. HOLDINGS CO., LTD.

Apr. 2018

Built Fuji factory at Minamitsuru-Gun, Yamanashi.

Apr. 2019

Started Business Unit system by dividing 13 consolidated companies into 4 business field.

Mar. 2020

Acquired shares of Daiichi Co., Ltd. (Sayama, Saitama) and made it a consolidated subsidiary.

Oct. 2020

YAC Garter Co., Ltd. (surviving company) merged with Daiichi Co., Ltd. (disappearing company).

Oct. 2020

Terminated business unit system.