Shareholders, investors, Ladies and Gentlemen, I appreciate very much for your daily great full support for us.

The 47th financial year which 12 months ended Mar. 31, 2019, we could make a big increase of sales and profit comparing to the previous financial term. We could make profit in all business segments with renewing historical high figure and recorded the historical highest in the sales.

The 48th financial term, which is this financial year, we will go ahead to increase corporate value as the most important target. Since this year April, we have introduced Business Unit system. We selected the similar type of business group companies in a business unit such as “Mechatronics Business Unit”, “Display Business Unit”, “Industrial Machinery Business Unit” and “Electronics Business Unit” and we will accelerate to grow business by letting each business unit to be responsible for their profit and promoting Co-operation and Competition further more.

We paid 20 yen per share as annual dividend. We position returning profit to shareholders as one of the most important themes, and maintain stable dividend paying as basic policy with considering business results and business plan. We will endeavor to strengthen the competitiveness and return profit to shareholders. Regarding the 48th financial term, we plan to increase dividends per share by 4 yen to 24 yen per share.

We will proceed to expand management base and contribute to society furthermore with expanding present business, establishing highly profitable corporate body, aggressively coping with M&A and business alliances, developing new mass products relating to “The 4th Industrial Revolution” and coping work style reform.

Shareholders, I would like to ask you to support us furthermore.

Mr. MOMOSE Takefumi

Representative Director and President