This machine is the equipment which transport 4 inch board to toray, after uniting the position of the orientation flat of the board and the tray by the transport robot which carries a camera, and supply and discharge the tray to the process machine by using the tray transport robot.

Standard Specification

(1)Machine size

Dimensions W2650mm×D1825mm×H2162mm(With HEPA)
Total weight Approx.800kg

(2)Work size

Work 4inch
Tray 4inch
Cassette For 4inch


Cleaness Class 1,000


4inch 40tray×5works = 200PPH : In the case of continuous permutation movement

Remark:When tray stay time occurs for a process condition, the PPH fluctuates.


Air Above 0.5MPa
Exhaust 300L/min
Power source Three phase, AC200V, 40A
Targetted Business LED
Applications Wafer transfer

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