What is Y.A.C. Group ?

Flexible High Technology Business Group.

Y.A.C. Group is a professional business group which  manufacture and deliver the products and manufacturing  equipment to manufacture those items, that  present “Happiness” and “Wealth” to people. We always endeavor to glow  and contribute to society through expanding present business, developing new products and M&A.

The source of company name.

Company name “YAC” is composed of “Y “ from yield, “A” from automatic and “C” from control.

Since established in May, 1973, we have manufactured and provided various type of equipment which reply to customers’ needs for energy save and automation.

Aiming to be

Advancing Company

A group which always advance forward and challenge.


We are equipment  manufacturing  companies group comprised of leading companies in various special fields.


We are business group keeping challenging aggressively to take advanced technologies such as AI and robot .


We are specialist manufacturing group which deliver specific products to all over the world.


We are business group which holds aggressive challenging corporate culture with strong growing intention. 


We are all employee management companies group which each employee joins management.


We are business group seeking group synergy effect by co- prosperity type of M&A.

Technology oriented company “Y.A.C.”.

Technologies of Y.A.C. are actually used in various manufacturing place.

We aggressively cope with joint R&D to reply for customers’ needs including own R&D naturally.

Plasma, Vacuum, Heat and Wet.

  • Etching
  • Reforming
  • Difusion

Cutting and Laser

  • Dicing
  • Difusion

Image processing and Handling system.

  • Handler
  • Taping
  • Conveyer

Medical and Measure & control

  • Dialyzer
  • Artificial heart
  • Regulater

Precise polish

  • Burnish

About structure of group.

Y.A.C. group companies are not so big in size but all of us are professional companies in each business field.

We value the items which are niche but essential, which is different from big companies which influence to its business field all.

Through “Co-operation & Competition” of group each company, we aim to develop the entire group itself and create new value.

All employee management.

We, Y.A.C. decide the best and most suitable strategies and tactics by all employee’s opinion based on plans which top management made.

All employee play roll of leader from management to young staff.


We realize” Ultimate philosophy” and contribute to society much more by stable growth and execution of M&A strategy.

Y.A.C. Group’s “Ultimate philosophy”

To contribute much more to society.

  1. Growth of employee’s capacity
  2. Growth of group size.
  3. All employee management and Co-operation & Competition.
  4. Expansion of paying tax.