Basic spesificstion


1. Processing ultra-precise hole.

  • Processing -precise hole such as 15 to 50 μm

2.Ultra-high speed processing of multi hole.

  • Processing maximum one million units of holes with maximum 100mm scale by 30 to 500 seconds.

3.High precise processing

  • Positioning accuracy<±0.5μm, Diameter accuracy<±0.5μm

4.Long time stable and easy control (few downtime)

  • No influence from changing of laser profile.
  • Easy control by simple optical system.

Technical instruction.

1.Ultra-precise processing.

Possible for resin processing without heat defect by UV laser.

Laser wave length and photon energy
Sort of laser Wave length
Photon energy
CO_{2} 10600 2.7
YAG 1064 27
SHG-YAG 532 54
THG-YAG 355 81
KrF eximer laser 248 114
Bond disociation energy of resin material
Sort of bond Disociation energy
C-C 80
C-H 98
C=C 145
C≡C 198

In case of CO_{2} laser, 50μm diameter is limit because of big limit condensing diameter by long wavelength, and melting and burnt by heat treatment.

UV laser cut directly C-C joint by high photon energy.

2.Ultra-high speed multi holes processing (High through put)

  • Possible for processing multi holes collectively by large output excimer laser and multiple array of micro lens.
  • Processing maximum one million units of holes with maximum 100mm scale by 30 to 500 seconds by beam scanning on the micro lens.

3.High precise processing.


  • Accuracy of hole positioning <±0.5μm, by high precise micro lens array.
  • Accuracy of hole dimension<±0.5μm, by beam vibration system.
  • Equalization of beam profile without optical system and possible for high precise processing.

4.Long time stable and easy control (few downtime)

  • Easier control than old technologies by simple optical system.
  • Possible for long term stable processing without influence of excimer laser beam quality changes by beam vibration system.

Beam profile differences by gas life.

Beginning of gas life.
Beginning of gas life.
End of gas life.
End of gas life.

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