The era of only pursuing materialism is ending.The same applies to apparel.The mass production and consumption of apparel is coming to end,too.People's values toward clothes have changed,and the disposal of clothes has become a social problem and needs solution.

 In the home cleaning industry in Japan, turnover is drastically  decreasing due to the development of advanced textiles and high-performance home washing machines along with the advancement of detergents'performance.A new era is coming when things are used carefully for a along time,and finishing quality corresponding to high-performance clothing is required.

 Looking overseas,especially in emerging countries,cleaning is becoming more active as they become more wealth,and we will open up markets to help their growth. A typical example is the business model that does not require pick up stores using the internet application.

 In the linen supply industry,we focus on medical linen cleaning and develop world-class equipment.Currently we are accelerating business in China.

 As finishing machine is our core technology,we not only provide solutions for development of finishing production line but also develop business models for other industries.As sustainability becomes even more important in the world,we are focusing on that concept,too.


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