Environmental Principle

With our recognition of that environmental issue is one of the most critical and common issues to all humankind, we, Y.A.C. Group, commit to aim the harmony of corporate activities and global environment and to fulfill social responsibility.

Environmental Policy

Y.A.C. Group based on the following basic policy, will continuously promote to preserve and improve our environment through our corporate activities.


  1. We recognize that environmental issue is one of the corporate management issues and we will keep on coping continuously with environmental issue by all of our employees and managements.
  2. We understand and observe related laws and regulations, social demands and agreed matters with stake holders correctly.
  3. We understand that our corporate activities may harm the environment and we powerfully with priority execute the following items.
    (1) Promotion of energy saving.
    (2) Reduction of industrial waste by thoroughgoing renewal and reuse of resources and proper classification of industrial waste.
    (3) Prevention of environmental pollution by establishment of hazardous substances management system.
    (4) Promotion of Green Procurement as well as enlightening suppliers and subcontractors.
    (5) Development of energy-saving products based on environmentally-focused management policy.
  4. We carry out the training and education to all of our employees about our environmental management system in order for them to understand its importance of preserving and improving the environment and we disclose our environmental management policy to the public.

April 1, 2017
President & Representative Director
Takefumi Momose

ISO14001 Activity

YAC was certified as ISO14001 complied company in September 2005, and we are conducting following environmental activities.


  • We, each division, have been developing resource saving and energy saving products with seeking for optimization and efficiency of business.
  • We, each division, have been developing resource saving and energy saving products with seeking for optimization and efficiency of business.
  • We have been carrying out green procurement with cooperation by suppliers.

(Certified Sites)
[Tokyo] Corporate Headquarter, Technical Center, 2nd Factory
[Kumamoto] Kumamoto Factory
[Oita] Oita Factory

Green Procurement

Chemical substances contained in the products have been controlled globally more severely by EU-RoHS2, REACH and so on.
We will strengthen our management structure for manufacturing of environmentally- friendly products referring to such regulations and industly standards, such as JIG (Joint Industry Guideline).


●To our suppliers
To manufacture the above environmentally-friendly products, cooperation by all of our Suppliers is indispensable as such we may commission to conduct necessory investigation on containing chemicals in supplied items.
And, we will preferentially do business with the suppliers who has established Environmental Management System and the suppliers who are positively working on Chemical Management.