Providing advanced technologies to increase productivity.

We maintain manufacturing technology of display by using freely far infrared rays heating technology and plasma etching technology. We endeavor to study, improve, seek various advanced technologies and put forward social contribution with customer first and reduction of environmental impact in mind.

Characteristic and Direction.

~Precise technologies which support manufacturing advanced display.

Precise heating technologies.

Much more precise heat treatment technologies are required in display such as LCD, OEL and OLED because of increasing information density by realization of 5 G communication. We have accumulated our own knowhow and technologies such as heat treatment technology by far infrared rays, an air current technology and cleaning technology, and obtained high reputation and trust. We will support display industry by using the accumulated process technologies and the characteristic that far infrared rays heat treatment is non-contact and clean heating source.

Plasma etching technology.

Since 1970, we have started selling plasma ashing equipment as the first domestic products by using plasma technology which is generated from reacted gas by high frequency power in vacuum atmosphere, we have accumulated our own technology and know-how. Needs for much more precise plasma etching technologies are required in display such as LCD, OEL and OLED because of high definition of recent start of 4K,8K TV broadcasting. We are proud of numerous equipment deliver result which are even, high density and high-speed etching technology products by high frequency power controlled and will contribute to display production furthermore.

Core technologies.

Dry etching technology

It is a process technology which apply vacuum plasma control technology and used in the various industrial area such as display industry.

Precise heating technologies

We develop and provide equipment which realize high accuracy and high efficient heating backed by our own core technologies such as precise heating technology which is able to apply various field needs.   

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