Contributing to build more safety and rich environment by providing electronics.

We are engineering team which reply by technologies and proposal capability to various needs of electric power industries which is responsible for important social infrastructure, medical fields which support human life and advanced automobile parts manufacturing field. It is our wish to make rich and easy to live in environment by providing our products and services.

Characteristic and Direction.

~Proposing wide range of solution by synergy effect of technologies of our related business companies.

Harmony of three strong technologies to make better future.

We provide mainly measuring and telecommunication equipment, medical equipment, disaster prevention products and heating equipment, which are useful in society. We look forward to future and will provide products and services by harmonizing three strong technologies, which will contribute to society. It is expected that especially gravity of combination of medical equipment and communication technology which represent telemedical treatment will increase. It is our mission to apply to those social expanding needs by our technology's synergy effect.

Ohkura Electric Co., Ltd.: Contributing to social infrastructure by our technologies which are measuring, communicating and controlling.

Since founded in 1993, we have replied to customers’ needs by providing high quality and high functional products backed by accumulated reliable technologies as well as challenging to develop advanced technologies and  contributed to build society basis. “Industrial instrument, Communicating and Controlling” is our basic technology and manufacturing of industrial instrument, controlling communication equipment and semiconductor manufacturing equipment are our business field. Industrial instrument contributes to industrial automation by measuring and controlling technologies, controlling and communication equipment contributes to build social infrastructure of electricity and water by highly reliable control and communication equipment and semiconductor manufacturing equipment contribute to wide range customers in heat treatment equipment as well as equipment renewal.

YAC Elex Co., Ltd.: Advanced proposal company which applies flexibly.

YAC Elex Co., Ltd. was founded in 1947 as Bon Electric Co., Ltd. and has grown consistently as development company as well as responding company to customers’ and users’ needs. Present, we manufacture and sell various type of products such as disaster and crime prevention equipment by using advanced electronic technologies, label printer and labeler which use mechatronics technologies and dialyzer and other medical equipment by combining those technologies. Especially recently worldwide demand for dialyzer is increasing and our dialyzer get high reputation as easy handling dialyzer.

Y.A.C. Kokusai Dennetsu Co., Ltd.: Proposing manufacturing process solution in heating process.

Since founded in 1977, we have replied to customers’ needs by “High power heating “as our theme. Especially in the field of molding heater, we have obtained good results in heating of die heater as major product, casting mold and forging mold and got many high reputations from automobile manufacturers and steel makers. The characteristic s of those are knowhow of mold heating and wide range of products line up. Especially characteristics of industrial furnace is using merit of far infrared ray in various heating process. We proceed less electric power less manufacturing cost to our products.   

Core technologies.

Industrial instrument.

We provide basically record monitoring, temperature controlling, water quality monitor and pressure sensing by using precise electric power measuring technology, precise thermostat technology, servo and printing technology to various industries, in case of a nuclear power plant we provide from high quality equipment to cost reduction equipment.

Controlling and communication.

We provide from information transmitter, distance controlling monitoring equipment, automatic controlling equipment and data processing system to high precision electric transducer which freely uses digital data process technology and high trustable modem and contribute to social infrastructure.



We have provided more than forty years various equipment including controller of diffusion and CVD equipment and those process solution for semiconductor factories.


We develop, manufacture and sell medical equipment such as dialyzer by harmonizing recent electronic technology and mechatronics technology. We obtain license of manufacturing and selling of medical equipment after clearing severe regulations and obtain ISO13485 which is world unified standard. We have established quality control system to maintain safety and follow up system after delivery.

Industrial machinery.

We develop, design and manufacture hardware and software for disaster and crime prevention equipment by using electronics related technologies. We develop, manufacture and sell RFID label printer which is able to read data and check simultaneously as well as barcode verification simultaneously by using mechatronics technology.



Mold heater has been major products and still present active product. It is characteristic that the equipment is able to heat mold quickly and equally for forging and casting as well. It is possible to heat efficiently and less heat loss because of heating both side by one heater and radiation efficiency using far infrared ray.


Group companies of Electronics Related Business.