Labor saving machine which performs loading new or

washed pogo pins from its case and inserting them

into test socket automatically.

It will take a few hours if you insert pins

into one socket manually.

Loading pogo-pins by Parts feeder (Option)

Light-weight and Energy saving.


Standard Specification

Applicable Pogo pin

Diameter: 0.3mm, 0.65mm

Arrangement pitch: 0.5mm, 1.0mm

Loading unit

1) Capacity is for 4 pcs of pin case (laid flat in X2 and Y2).

 The maximum pin number is 500 pcs for each case (total 2000 pcs).

2) Pin removal direction from pin cases is in a definite way.

Image recognition unit

1) The tips of pins in the pin cases, where to be picked up, are distinguished by this image recognition unit.

2) The pins are picked up according to the data above, transferred and stored into the sockets.

Unloading unit

1) Capacity is for 2 pcs of BGA Test sockets (laid flat in X2 and Y1).

2) The sockets pins are stored into pin holes by gravity.

 Products parameter

1) The products data is controlled in the machine.

    It is required when changing product type that parameter loading and changeover kit replacing.

2) Necessary data can be editable on each product.

3) Products parameter can be registered up to 20 types.

Socket pin matrix

1) The data can be set up in the menu of products parameter.

2) Staggered arrangement can be recognized.

Air source 0.4 Mpa
Main body dimensions W 650 X D 620 X H 559 mm
Weight 60Kg

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